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10 Classic TV Ads Every Malaysian Adult Will Remember


10 Classic TV Ads Every Malaysian Adult Will Remember

Many hours of our childhood were spent parked in front of the TV, waiting for our favourite cartoons. We watch it while eating, we watch it while doing our colouring, we basically watch it every other time we’re not doing our homework;

Having spent so much time watching TV also means we’ve been subjected to many advertisements—some more memorable than the others—such as these ones in all their pixelated glory:

How many of you can still sing along to this?

This was always aired during our morning cartoon time!

This wayang kulit gem.

We still think about this ad every time we go to the zoo!

When Alan Yun made us swoon…

This gem that made you want to get up and do a Bollywood dance…

We can still sing along to this song!

Trojan was the original superhero.

Mosquitoes don’t stand a chance against our muscle man.

Who’s hungry for some nasi goreng?

Did we miss any other iconic advertisements? Let us know!

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