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10 Games You Definitely Played If You Grew Up In Malaysia




Before smartphones and game consoles took over our lives, we all can agree we had a pretty memorable, active childhood. Be it during recess, after school while waiting for our parents to pick us up, or in the evening at the padang, playing these games with our friends was the moment we all looked forward to everyday. How many of them can you remember?

#1 Batu Seremban

Usually played by the girls, the idea of this game is to throw one ‘stone’ up while scooping up as many of the remaining ones before catching the one that was thrown. Some show off their speed and agility by doing tricks, and some enthusiastic ones create batu Seremban using fancy patches of cloth—probably taken from their mother’s sewing stash!

#2 Pick Up Sticks

The aim of this game is to pick up the sticks without disturbing the arrangement of the other sticks, much like Jenga. The slightest movement to the other sticks will cause you to be eliminated, hence why this game can get pretty intense!

#3 Eraser Game

Erasers are not only made to correct your mistakes on paper, it also used to be a way to kill time in the classroom! The objective of Eraser Game is to flip your eraser over your opponent’s. The winner gets to keep the eraser that they have ‘won over’!

#4 Lat Tali Lat

Lat-tali-lat-tali-tamplom! Doesn’t that phrase bring back good memories of your younger days?

#5 Congkak

The ultimate traditional game that our parents, grandparents and possibly our great-grandparents have played at some point in their lives! School libraries would also offer this game for students to play during recess.

#6 Happy Family Card Game

The concept of this game is simple; get the family to be happy again! Players need to complete the set of families by asking their opponents for it. The trick here is figuring which player has what card!

#7 Pepsi Cola

Pepsi Cola is an extremely competitive game where the player will aim to ‘kick’ his or her opponent out and be the last one standing. This game was also the reason why our white school shoes never stay white for long, much to our mums’ dismay!

#8 Tali Getah

The fun lies in making the skipping rope, and skipping with the rope! Usually played by the girls, they would DIY the skipping rope by connecting orange rubber bands until they are long enough to skip with.

#9 Police And Thief

The Malaysian version of ‘Tag, you’re it!’, Police and Thief was the type of game that constantly kept you on your feet. If you slack for even a second, someone would tag you, and you’d have to run around to find someone else to tag! Best played in large groups.

#10 Connect Four

Basically a physical version of tic-tac-toe. The winner of the game is whoever can get four of their coloured coins in a sequence without being blocked by their opponent. Sounds pretty easy, right? Wrong. Lose focus for a second, and lose the game completely!

Ah, good times! Can we be a kid again, please?

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