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10 Work Struggles That Make You Wanna Rage Quit



Ah, the office. You don’t just walk in, get your work done, and walk out. Oh, no. In between all the paperwork, you also have to put up with issues that drive you mad… issues that make you realise common sense is not all that common… issues that make you wanna go, “Ohmaigawd! I quit!”.

And since we’re pretty sure we’re not alone in this, here are some of those annoying moments that many of us can relate to:

#1 Boss calls for a meeting at 1pm

Harlow, you think we robots no need to eat lunch one ah?

#2 Colleague asks you for help because he/she is too busy… but goes for a 2-hour lunch

This is the last time I’m playing nice!

#3 Teammates keep taking ‘MCs’ and making you cover for them

Today stomachache, tomorrow headache. What’s next? Another round of chicken pox?

#4 When the boss doesn’t remember what he/she told you to do

“Please change this clause.” *Changes clause and shows revision to boss* “Why did you change this clause?!” *Flips table*

#5 Colleague says, “Don’t worry. I’ll get it done”, but DOESN’T get it done

If you don’t want to do, then tell me lah! Why give me false promise and waste my time?!

#6 Boss sends Whatsapp messages at midnight and expects you to reply

The idea of work-life balance doesn’t exist for some.

#7 When boss asks you to write proposal, but doesn’t give you any info

What is this proposal about? Who is it for? You think I can read minds meh! Gimme more info!

#8 You make a minor mistake and the colleague sends you a nasty email CC-ing the whole team and the bosses

Really need to CC everyone meh?

#9 You’re assigned a task and told that the deadline was yesterday

Sure. Let me drop all 627,191 of my other work tasks and just work on this.

#10 When you’re forced to sit in for a meeting that has nothing to do with your job

Because meetings are #SoMuchFun.

We’re pretty sure there are more to this list. Share your story with us!

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