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10 YouTube Covers Of Michael Jackson’s Songs That We Think You Should Check Out



Nine years ago on this date, the world lost an iconic figure. Michael Joseph Jackson stopped breathing after being given a dangerous concoction of drugs to help him sleep. As much of a cliché as it may sound, despite his passing, the man’s music really is living on. His hits continue to get air-time while parents introduce his sounds to their little ones—a testament that Michael’s music is timeless.

While doing some digging on YouTube, we found some covers of the King of Pop’s songs that are totally eargasm-worthy…

#1 “They Don’t Care About Us” by 2Cellos

#2 “Loving You” by Jana Ann and Joy

#3 “Billie Jean” by Daniela Andrade

#4 “Man In The Mirror” by The Main Squeeze

#5 “The Way You Make Me Feel” by Corey Heuvel

#6 “Bad” by Peter Bence

#7 “Black Or White” by Black Fox

#8 “Rock With You” by Daehan Choi

#9 “Pretty Young Thing” by Best Night Ever

# 10 “Human Nature” by Matt Mulholland

You’re welcome.

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