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14 Products That Every ’80s And ’90s Malaysian Kid Remembers



If you know every word to this video:

And if you used to rock this and think you’re the swaggiest kid on the block…

Then chances are, the stories of your childhood would have featured these popular products…

#1 Bedak Sejuk

Ah, those days of running around at home with patches of this white stuff on your face and neck… especially when you’re suffering from a heat rash.

#2 Champs Vitamin C

We didn’t hate visiting the doctor’s if it meant getting to leave the clinic with this orange-flavoured ‘candy’!

#3 Hazeline Snow Cream

THE moisturising facial cream that our mothers and grandmothers swore by. It’s extra syok to put on when you keep it in the fridge!

#4 Impulse Body Spray 

Hey, if it’s good enough for the Spice Girls, it’s good enough for us!

#5 Johnson’s Baby Shampoo

The baby shampoo that’s for teenagers and adults too. Also, remember their promise of causing “no more tears”? Did anyone else also try to get a bit of the shampoo in their eyes to confirm that it, indeed, doesn’t sting the eyes?

#6 Lip Smacker

It’s a sorcery how they managed to get the lip balm to smell just like what the flavours promised to be!

#7 Minyak Cap Kapak

The miracle oil that your parents turned to for all your health troubles. From headache and flu to an upset tummy and drowsiness, there’s nothing that this oil can’t fix! Plus, the scent of it is really comforting.

#8 Mopiko

The go-to ointment that’ll zap away all those itchy insect bites.

#9 Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa

At the slightest sound of a cough, you can bet that your mother or grandma will be coming after you with a spoon of this sweet syrup. And who can forget their iconic wayang kulit ad?

#10 Prickly Powder

This cooling powder was such a lifesaver on those nights when the weather was too hot for you to fall asleep. This powder is still available for sale, but somehow, the ‘prickly cooling’ feeling is no longer as intense as it used to be.

#11 Scott’s Emulsion

Those of us who were lucky enough got the yummy orange-flavoured one. Those of us who weren’t so lucky had to endure the fishy smelling original-flavoured cod liver oil.

#12 Cooling Water

Your parents’ answer for all your “heaty” troubles—the cooling water that tastes like any ordinary bottle of water really.

#13 Zam-Buk

Medicine cabinets in Malaysian homes would have at least a canister of this balm that promises to work wonders on cuts, blisters and sprains. It supposedly works for toothaches too.

#14 Vicks

Every time you get a blocked nose, a swipe of this on your upper lip should do the trick. We remember many nights of going to bed sick with the strong menthol smell of Vicks wafting in the air.

While some of these products may not be as popular anymore, the fact that they continue to be sold in local pharmacies and supermarkets, and used today prove that they do work wonders. Which of these do you still have sitting at home?

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