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84% of Malaysians Don’t Trust Politicians, Study Reveals


84% of Malaysians Don’t Trust Politicians, Study Reveals

In a survey of 1,000 Malaysians, it was found that politicians are the least trustworthy government institution in the country.

The survey by Centre For A Better Tomorrow (Cenbet) released today showed only 16% had faith in politicians whereas the armed forces won the highest level of trust from 60% of Malaysians.

“As a civil society group that advocates transparency and good governance, we are deeply concerned about the society’s poor regard for politicians, especially with regards to their trustworthiness,” Cenbet co-president Gan Ping Sieu said.

According to the survey, dedication and honesty were noted as the most important attributes of a trusted politician, whereas personal wealth and education were cited as the least important.

On another note, 31% of Malaysians believed that alternative online media were more trustworthy in comparison to the 23% who trust traditional print publications.

Cenbet said that the main reason for the lack of trust in traditional mainstream media is that the newspapers are not fee to report without interference. However, the main criticisms against online media was that they were deemed to be unfair and publish inaccurate or fake news, but 75% of those who trusted online news were impressed with its freedom to report without interference from external parties.

The Malaysian Armed Forces, the only institution trusted by more than half of Malaysians, were perceived to be disciplined and well-trained.

It’s important to note that the survey was carried out from 8 February to 22 February this year, when Barisan Nasional was still the federal government.

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