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9 Weird Food Combos That Actually Taste Better Than You Imagine



Sometimes, randomly throwing different ingredients together can lead to a cooking nightmare—and if you’re really unlucky, an upset tummy—but sometimes, the cooking god is on your side and foodgasm happens. So, in our search for uncommon food combinations that work, nine Malaysians shared these gems with us, which we’ve tried… and survived.

#1 Cucumber & Soy Sauce

“It’s a common snack in the South. I’ve been eating it since I was a child. It tastes even better when you mix some chilli sauce into the soy sauce!”

#2 Cherry Tomato & Asam Powder

“That burst of juicyness from the tomato mixed with the sweet and salty taste of the asam. Super addictive!”

#3 Yao Char Kwai & Prawn Mee

“I love crispy yao char kwai. And prawn mee soup is one of my favourites. So I decided to put them two together.”

#4 Durian & Rice

“Some may find it difficult to accept this. I didn’t quite understand the confusion on my tastebuds at first, but eventually grew to like it.”

#5 Star Fruit & Belacan

“My grandma introduced this combination to me. The sweetness of the fruit goes well with the saltiness and spiciness of the belacan.”

#6 Maggi Mee & Milo

“As weird as this sounds, it kinda tastes like sweet Japanese curry. Very comforting.”

#7 Papaya & Lime Juice

“Who would have thought that adding a few drops of lime juice onto papaya would make it taste extra yums?”

#8 Cucumber & Belacan

“I like to kepit belacan in between two slices of cucumber and eat it like a sandwich. SO. GOOD. I. CAN’T. EVEN.”

#9 Coleslaw & Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce

“All that mayo and chilli sauce packaged in a sweet and savoury lie to distract you from the fact that you’re eating boring veggies. Perfect for veggie haters.”

Here’s to more adventurous eating!

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