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Bad Lip Reading Of Mark Zuckerberg’s Congressional Hearing Is HILARIOUS!



If you’ve read the news at all, you’re probably already aware about the data privacy scandal that has rocked Facebook, but if not, a quick Google search should point you in the direction of many TL;DR articles about how the social media company had dropped the ball when it comes to its terms of service.

So serious was the fiasco, that CEO and co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg had to attend a congressional hearing. It’s all serious stuff, but as usual, the Internet always finds a way to make even the most serious issues hilarious. This time it’s in the form of a bad lip reading video.

And yup, it’s hilarious. Watch it for yourself!

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Msian Accidentally Captures The Moment His Friend Gets Pickpocketed In Paris




Image via Facebook

Paris has been drawing visitors for centuries. When you think of the charming French capital, you think romance, historical monuments, amazing museums, beautiful cafes and enchanting gardens. And honestly, you also think “pickpockets”.

Getting pickpocketed is, unfortunately, a common occurrence in places like Paris, touristy areas that tend to get crowded a lot.

Facebook user Naufal Bakhudin and his group fell victim to this exact crime during their trip there recently. Surprisingly though, Naufal, who was recording their trip using his 360-degree camera accidentally recorded the thieves while they picked his friends pocket!

Kisah tergempar di ParisBerlaku depan aku hari ni seorang kawan kami di 'picked pocket' oleh geng yang sangat licik dan terlatih.Kebetulan kamera aku dalam mode 360 darjah dan dapat merakam aktiviti licik tersebut dari awal hingga akhir tanpa kami satu kumpulan sedar.Sila tonton video di bawah untuk jadi tauladan dan keselamatan kepada mereka yang berhajat ke eropah terutama di Paris 👇Naufal BakhudinMeremang bulu roma#OpalBakhudin#OpalCoway#CSTeam#TeamSarahPakarCoway#TeamOpal#AllChampions#CSTeamEuro2019

Posted by Naufal Bakhudin on Saturday, 30 March 2019

In the video, you can clearly see the modus operandi of the two women as they steal several things from Naufal’s friend’s bag. The trick the pickpockets are using in the video is called the “concealed hand”. It’s one of the three common techniques pickpockets use. The other two are called the “helpful stranger” and “the stall”. Read on to understand these techniques better, and to find out how to avoid becoming a victim to these type of thieves!

Image via Daily Mail

What They Do

“The Stall”: Thieves operating in pairs work by one member stalling the target (by getting stuck at the underground ticket barrier for example). While the victim is being stalled, the other member will smuggle the victim’s valuables quickly away.

“Concealed Hand”: As they steal, thieves often cover their hands with a newspaper or a coat, so that the victim and people around them will not be aware of their movements.

“Helpful Stranger”: Sometimes, a stranger will offer to help you out of the blue, like brushing something off your coat or helping you with directions, and while you’re distracted, this is the perfect opportunity for someone else to take your belongings.

Now that you know how pickpockets tend to operate, you’ll find it’s not that hard to prevent yourself from falling victim to their schemes.

Image via Daily Mail

How To Beat Them

1. Place your things in your front pocket instead of the back and wrap an elastic band around them.

Image via Nathan Schneider

Having your valuables stashed in the front pocket will make it harder for a pickpocket to gain access to it, while the rubber band prevents your things from sliding smoothly out of your pocket.

You can also consider using a dummy wallet, as most thieves will not look for another wallet once they’ve found the first one.

2. Do not accept food, drinks or any goods from strangers you’ve just met in hotels, on buses or trains.

Image via Daily Mail

They may be trying to distract you.

Otherwise, they could be attempting the “lost ring” scam. It is one of the oldest and most famous of the tourist scams in Paris. The scammer will walk up next to you and then bend down to pick up a ring on the ground. The scammer (usually a woman) will then offer to give you the ring. When you accept it, she will harass you to pay her. Sometimes, the scammers work in groups, and they will harass you so loudly you end up paying to avoid being embarrassed.

In reality, the ring is worthless and made of cheap brass – but it looks like gold.

3. Females should consider sewing a pocket into your undergarments, such as your bra, to keep valuables.

Thieves are aware of money belts, and know how to target them. Having your valuables stored in your undergarments will keep them out of reach.

4. When sitting down, keep your bag looped through your leg, or under a chair leg.

Image via oldbensblog

Besides pickpockets, there will also be snatch thieves. Having your bag looped through your leg or under the chair leg will make sure no one can run away with the whole bag.

When carrying a backpack, wear it in front of you rather than behind you, and wear sling bags across your body, not on one shoulder.

5. Consider using an anti-theft bag.

These bags are designed with special features that make them more difficult to gain access to and harder to steal, such as slash resistance mesh body panels, RFID blocking, slash resistant shoulder straps and locking straps and compartments

Image via Arden Cove

6. Avoid continuously checking for your valuables.

When you keep checking your pockets or bag compartments for your valuables, you also alerts thieves on where exactly these things are kept.

7. Stay alert.

This is the oldest rule in the book, but it’s effective. Pickpockets often succeed by successfully misdirecting your attention. Also, if you appear to be more alert, they’re less likely to pick you as a target. So, be suspicious if someone tries to distract you.

8. Spread your valuables instead of keeping them all in one place.

Image via The Broke Backpacker

If despite your best efforts, you end up being unlucky enough to be a victim of pickpocketing anyway. Keeping your ID, passport, cards and other important documents spread out will ensure that you will not lose everything in one go.

9. Carry a backup ATM or credit card and photocopies of your travel documents and passport.

Similar to the tip above, if you end up being pickpocketed, you’ll still have the backups and photocopies to fall back on and won’t be completely stuck.

We hope these tips will help prevent you from having your stuff stolen and ensure you have a great holiday on your next trip!

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Didier Drogba Playing ‘Lompat Getah’ With This 8yo Malaysian Girl Is The Cutest Thing Ever




Image via YouTube

Here’s one thing we don’t get to see very often, footballers reacting to children.

Astro Supersport sent an 8-year-old Malaysian girl called Lulu to interview former Chelsea star, Didier Drogba. During the interview, she challenges the enormous 6 foot 2 man to a game of ‘Lompat Getah‘.

Despite never playing the game in his life, the 40-year-old football retiree completely slays it, prompting these adorable gushes from Lulu! He then gives her a hug. Can this video get any freaking cuter?!

Little Lulu is interviewing Drogba as part of Stadium Astro’s ‘Astro Small World’ series.

If you can’t get enough of these two, you can catch the full episode tonight on the channel!

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We Spoke To Art Harun’s Daughter On The Reaction To Her Dad’s Viral Tweet




On Tuesday (Feb 20), Art Harun tweeted a sweet birthday wish for his daughter, Anna Azhar. The tweet was accompanied by a selfie of them having lunch. The next day, the tweet went viral with Twitterjaya responding, calling him “Abah”. Semua pun nak masuk line..

We caught up with her to find out her reaction to her dad’s Twitter post and the response it got!

Art Harun's Daughter, Anna Azhar, On The Reaction To His Viral Tweet

We caught up with Art Harun's daughter, Anna Azhar, to find out what her reaction was to her dad's viral Twitter post and the overwhelming response it got! #SemuaPunNakMasukLine Check out what he tweeted here: https://bit.ly/2E917Ya

Posted by SYOK on Friday, 22 February 2019

Anna explained that her dad posts a birthday wish for her on social media every year, so they expected a couple of funny comments here and there. What they did not expect though, was for it to blow up the way it did!

She felt that some of Twitterjaya’s responses to her dad’s tweet were “overwhelmingly heartwarming” and “downright hilarious”.

She added that although her dad is a prominent human rights lawyer and the chairman of the Election Commission, her life isn’t affected at all by his notability.

Thank you for being such a good sport, Anna, and all the best in your endeavours!

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Should Malaysia Bar Paralympic Israeli Swimmers From Competing In The Country?




Malaysia recently disallowed the Israeli Paralympic Swimmers from competing in Malaysia, which resulted in us losing the right to host the tournament.

Hafidz Baharom is a columnist from The Sun Daily. He wrote a widely shared piece on the issue where he criticised Malaysia’s decision to not allow the Israeli swimmers from competing in our country, calling the decision a hypocritical one. Many Malaysians agreed with his stance.

Puan Seri Norma Hashim is the Treasurer of Viva Palestina Malaysia. She has been involved with the plight of the Palestinian people for several years and has published two books to share their stories.

We spoke to both of them to hear their thoughts on the issue.

On Malaysia Barring Paralympic Israeli Swimmers From Competing In Malaysia

Malaysia recently disallowed the Israeli Paralympic Swimmers from competing in Malaysia, which resulted in us losing the right to host the tournament.We spoke to Hafidz Baharom from The Sun Daily and Puan Seri Norma Hashim, Treasurer of Viva Palestina Malaysia to hear their thoughts on the issue.

Posted by SYOK on Tuesday, 12 February 2019

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A Paraplegic Woman Answers All The Questions You Wouldn’t Dare Ask Someone In A Wheelchair




If you could ask someone in a wheelchair anything, what would you want to know?

Steph Nambiar, now 33, was five when a sudden fever left her completely paralysed from the neck down. The following years were filled with regular visits to the hospital for treatment, but the doctors never managed to figure out what exactly happened to her.

Now, years later, Steph has regained movement and feeling in her upper body. However, she still requires a wheelchair to move around. But that hasn’t stopped her from opening her own firm specialising in Marketing and Publicity.

We got Steph to spill the tea on all the questions you’ve wondered about someone in a wheelchair, but wouldn’t dare ask.

Who would you want to spill the tea next?

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Watch These Robbers Break A Car Window And Snatch A Handbag In Less Than 5 Seconds!




Malaysians have been reminded again and again to never place their belongings, especially bags, on the passenger seat of their car, for fear of becoming a theft victim. Yet, some people are still careless when it comes to this.

Earlier this month, a viral video recorded two men robbing what was believed to be a handbag from a car stuck in traffic in broad daylight. In the 10-second video, two suspects could be seen slowing down next to a Perodua Axia, and peering into it before moving forward to the car in front.

The pillion rider of the motorcycle then proceeded to break the front passenger window of the car in front of the Axia using his elbow, before snatching something that was placed on the front passenger seat. The theft was conducted in less than five seconds! #FastAndFurious

According to The Reporter, the incident took place in Kepong or Selayang area earlier this month, and was recorded by the dash cam of another motorist at the crime scene. The thieves were believed to have been accompanied by two other men riding on another motorcycle behind them, as they also fled the scene with the thieves after the incident.

The video has over 31k shares since it was posted, with many netizens tagging their friends and family as a warning note.

Let this be a cautionary tale to those who still place their bags and other belongings on the passenger seats while they drive. Always stash your stuff on the floor of your vehicle, out of reach from robbers!

Better safe, than sorry!

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Latest Viral Video Shows Canadian Students Performing Dikir Barat!




Dikir Barat gone international. Performed by Hamilton Children's Choir in Canada…Superb improvised performance..!! Even foreigners appreciate our art forms…

Posted by Dean Norwani on Sunday, 21 October 2018

Dikir Barat is a musical form native to the Malay Peninsular that involves singing in groups. The performance is usually done in a competitive setting and may be accompanied with percussion instruments or no instruments at all.

Recently, Facebook user Dean Norwani, shared a video of a school choir group performing Dikir Barat. Many Malaysians were shocked to find that the students in the video weren’t of any Malaysian heritage. Instead, it turns out all the kids are from Canada!

The performance was by Hamilton Children’s Choir from Canada, and they regularly work with a conductor from Malaysia, Tracy Wong, who currently lives in Toronto, Canada.

You’ll be happy to know that Dikir Barat isn’t the only local performance this group has picked up. They’ve performed Gamelan before too!

Our traditional music is going places!

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JPJ Officer Saves The Day With Her Sign Language Skills And Wins The Internet Too




PP Faten dari JPJ Wpkl membantu PP Azrel sebagai jurubahasa semasa menerima aduan dpd pelanggan OKU pekak.Aduan adalah berkaitan sekolah memandu yg tidak memamasukan nama beliau untuk ujian dgn JPJ hampir 2 tahun sehingga lesen L beliau tamat tempoh.Aduan beliau akan disiasat dan kita akan mengesan Sekolah Memandu berkenaan. Tindakan tegas akan diambil kepada sekolah memandu yang menganiaya pelanggan mereka. #teamjpjwpkl

Posted by Pengarah Jpj Wpkl on Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Many people don’t think that it’s necessary to learn a new language, but the truth is, being able to speak several languages isn’t only extremely impressive, it’s also very useful!

And this fact was proven recently, when a JPJ officer impressed Malaysians online with her ability to use sign language.

Nurul Fatihah Shamsudin Shah is a Road Transport Department (JPJ) officer, who learned to sign while she was in secondary school. She was living in the same hostel as a few disabled friends, and picked up sign language to communicate with them better.

The 27-year-old’s skills really paid off two weeks ago when she was able to help a deaf and mute couple at the JPJ Kuala Lumpur office. The couple came in to lodge a complaint against a driving institute that had received their payment but didn’t help them proceed with their driving license application process.

The couple was having a hard time making the report as they couldn’t communicate clearly with the JPJ officer handling their case. Then, another colleague asked Nurul Fatihah to help act as a translator.

Nurul Fatihah’s colleague recorded a short video of her being a translator and uploaded it onto social media. The video garnered praises and well wishes from Malaysian netizens.

The transport ministry has since acknowledged Nurul Fatihah’s exceptional service and awarded her with a certificate of appreciation.

The Ministry said that they are “very proud of Nurul Fatihah and would like to give her a little token of appreciation for her commitment in giving exceptional service to the disabled customers at the JPJ Kuala Lumpur office recently”.

Nurul Fatihah is an excellent example of a public servant and Malaysian! We are also so proud of her!

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This Video With Fake Snow, A Motorcycle On The Roof, And A Random Twitter Logo Is An Actual Wedding Video




Malaysian social media is abuzz this morning when a recently married woman, Farah, shared short clips of her wedding video on her Instastories, expressing her disappointment. And she has every right to be. We were so horrified after watching the video that all we can do is laugh and hope that this is a weird marketing gimmick.

Behold, the masterpiece, in all its random Word Art-ish glory:

What was the video editor thinking? Why were there Twitter and WhatsApp logos floating around? And what’s with the weird blurry affect? Why was there a motorcycle on the roof?! What did the wedding have to do with a rocket?! And don’t get us started on the music choice and how many times Farah and Hadi’s names kept popping up.

Netizens felt for Farah and took to social media with their two cents:

Some were kind enough to offer their services to her for free:


One social media user even decided to help Farah by salvaging the footage as best he could, coming up with a more acceptable edit:

Recently a wedding video of Hadi & Farah went viral. The 12 minutes video caught the attention of netizens after the…

Posted by GalvinTan.com on Thursday, 4 October 2018


Farah contacted her videographer and editor, asking him to fix the video. Sadly, he was completely uncooperative and insisted that his editing was “different” and “dynamic”.

Here are the claims the videographer made:

  • That the graphic animation he applied to the video was unique and that not many editors can do that.
  • That his video is extraordinary, unlike the usual wedding videos which are just “pretty”.
  • That if she’s not satisfied with the video, then it might as well have been recorded on just a smartphone.
  • That the animation on the car number plate was so good, it looked real.
  • When asked why the video didn’t feature more of the bride and groom, he said his video is really spectacular, gempak, and dynamic.

Hmmm… are we blind or is he the confused one here? We’re going to go with the latter.

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This Video Of Tun M Flying A Drone Is So Adorbs




We’ve all had our fair share of teaching our parents and grandparents the beauty of technology. But Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is on a whole other level, yo! Here he is flying a drone at his residence at Putrajaya. Bruh, even we have never flown a drone before.

In a video posted on his Facebook page, Tun M could be seen playing with the remote-control device like he owned it. How cute is it seeing a white-haired man play with high-tech gadgets? Super cute.

The caption also reads: “These days a drone can do people’s job maybe after this it can do some of my job ”

Cute AND witty.

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