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Calm Down, Everyone. Nas Daily Said He Doesn’t Hate Malaysians


Calm Down, Everyone. Nas Daily Said He Doesn’t Hate Malaysians

Israeli-Palestinian Facebook Vlogger Nurseir Yassin, or more commonly known as Nas Daily, was recently accused of intentionally bashing Malaysia and having “hidden Israeli agendas”. The vlogger wrote a long Facebook post on his page to address these allegations.

The photoshopped picture Nas referred to is a screenshot that appears to show his page replying to someone’s comment on Facebook. The screenshot can be viewed below.

Recently, Nas Daily posted three videos that sparked outrage from several Malaysian netizens. The first one he posted was titled “The Forbidden Land”, which we covered a few weeks ago. In the video, Nas equated Malaysia to North Korea and Malaysians weren’t happy about it.

The second video was one Nas made about Hassan al-Kontar, a 36-year-old man, who has been trapped in the transit section of KLIA since March. Throughout the video, Nas doesn’t explicitly blame Malaysia or KLIA for Hassan’s predicament. However, some Malaysians still found the video offensive.

The third video was centred on car drivers in Singapore. In the video, Nas spoke about Singapore’s parking culture and how most of them reverse park their cars to save space. Nas went on to say that drivers who don’t practice this consideration are usually from another country. The video then panned to a not-properly-parked car, which surprise, surprise, had a Johor license plate. Many Malaysians, needless to say, really weren’t happy about this.

According to The Star, the post garnered over 7k likes and 2.3k shares after just one hour. Despite the hate, many Facebook users supported and encouraged him.

Some users pitied him for his apparent run in with some local Makcik Bawangs.

And then there were some who thanked him for his explanation.

But there were also those who reminded him that his videos are watched by many and that they do affect how people view the places he talks about. Hence, he should be more mindful about what he says in his videos.

We guess it’s almost impossible to please everybody these days, eh?

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