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Durian To Go Where No Durian Has Ever Gone Before—Outer Space



Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to consume durian in zero-gravity conditions? Well, it looks like it won’t be too long before we get to find out.

Thailand plans to shoot durian into the orbit to test its durability, and see if there are any physical changes after it returns to Earth, for example if it might get smaller or cracked.

The fruit, eaten across the region, is both famous and notorious for its pungent smell, prompting bans on durians in hotel rooms, elevators and airplane cabins.

Can you imagine how it’ll fare in a confined space like a spaceship?! Luckily, the durian will be dried and vacuum-sealed to reduce the odour.

Advances in technology and a growing number of countries sending their citizen into space have also allowed for a variety of different cuisines to make its way to the atmosphere. In 2008, a South Korean astronaut brought a pickled kimchi dish with her.

We hope it’ll be a matter of time before another Malaysian goes to space bringing with him/her a tub of sambal belacan! 😝

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