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Forget Uber Car And Uber Bike. There’s An Uber Horse Now


Forget Uber Car And Uber Bike. There’s An Uber Horse Now

Uber was a great idea. Anyone who’s used it, knows its super convenient and very popular. Well, Timothy Hochstedler from St Joseph County decided to jump on that bandwagon with a little thing he calls Amish Uber.

His ride may not have much figurative horsepower, but it definitely has some literal horsepower. The newest taxi service in Colon, USA has four wheels, four legs, and really good mileage.

Not surprisingly, Hochstedler’s Amish Uber is a hit with tourists and locals in the area, who want something simple and entertaining. Riders get a chance to see the village of Colon without the distraction of driving a car.

Hochstedler says that his business is good because his engine, a horse, has a lot more character. “He loves people. He’s a Morgan. A Morgan is a people’s horse. They love giving you a kiss or whatever,” said Hochstedler.

It might be important to note that Hochstedler doesn’t work for Uber—he’s just calling himself an Uber. So, using the Uber app won’t get you a ride on his horse-driven buggy. Instead, you have to flag him down.

But, for $5 (RM20), you’re getting more than just a ride!

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