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Fun Videos We Found On YouTube Today



The plan, at first, was to write an amazing story about something interesting that you will love to read. Maybe something about fitness or relationships, or both.

But alas, procrastination got the better of us and before we know it, we’re slumped like a slug in our chair, our necks so glued to our chest that our double chin is spilling out from the sides of our faces, doing the only thing every slacking employee does; watching YouTube.

That’s when the brilliant idea of sharing the most fun videos we’ve found on YouTube today struck us, and so, here we are…

True Facts series by zefrank1

“I’m bored, I think I’ll watch a documentary”, says nobody when they sit down to watch something. It’s not because we like being ignorant, it’s just that documentaries are the video versions of a TL;DR article. But that’s not the case with the True Facts series by YouTuber zefrank1, because aside from delivering true facts, he also spices things up with hilarious quips.

Puzzle solving videos by Chris Ramsay

Look, not everyone is good with problem-solving. So, rather than getting frustrated and depressed over our inability to solve complex puzzles (why would anyone make these things?) we would rather watch someone else do it and restore our faith that humans are indeed intelligent beings.

A Bad Lip Reading of the Royal Wedding

With an event so big such as the Royal Wedding, you just know that the Internet will be flooded with memes and parodies of it. Well, it didn’t take very long for A Bad Lip Reading to come up with something, and trust us, it’s quite hilarious. Pro tip, don’t buy your wife-to-be a golden unicycle, you’ll understand why after you watch the video.

Those are the best videos we’ve watched today. Now back to thinking of an interesting article to write, or watch more videos. Who knows where the day will take us. Have fun!

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