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Google Maps Has A New Feature For Motorcyclists (Finally!)



Google Malaysia is launching a motorcycle mode on Google Maps that allow motorcyclists to plan their trips.

With user increment up 50% since last year, this new feature will provide the most relevant experience with local needs, said Google Maps Director Suren Ruhela. “We understand that the issue of rider safety is a priority, so driving or landmark-based navigation (landmarks) can help bikers to reach the destination.”

According to the data of the Malaysian Automotive association, the number of registered motorcycles is almost equal to the number of registered cars in Malaysia, which is 12.9 million and 13 million respectively.

Through the new motorcycle mode feature on Google Maps, it will assist users to estimate more accurate travel time based on machine learning models that reflect riding speeds and navigate landmarks.

Usually for users who are driving, the navigation system requires them to follow step-by-step to reach their destination while observing the screen. But for motorcycle mode, directions are based on landmarks on track to assist riders plan pre-travel, and to find and remember routes.

Users can update the Google Maps to access these new features!

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