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Here’s Why Vlogger Nas Daily Called Malaysia “The Forbidden Land”



Unless you’re one of those people who really don’t use Facebook, then you’ve most likely heard of Nas Daily.

The influential vlogger is famous for his one minute Facebook videos that break worldwide stereotypes and show what different countries across the globe are really like. His videos are capable of racking up millions of views.

Recently, Nas landed in Southeast Asia, namely Singapore. While he was there, he released a couple of videos about Singapore; from why he hates the place to how awesome Changi Airport is and how Singaporeans drink sewage water (it’s true!).

Surprisingly, Nas also managed to make a video about Malaysia. But there’s a twist. He made the video about Malaysia, from Singapore, and he never even set foot in our country. Why? Because our country is “The Forbidden Land” to him. Nas even compared our country to North Korea!

But why? Well, it’s because Nas is an Israeli passport holder. Israeli citizens are not allowed to enter Malaysia. Similarly, Malaysians aren’t allowed to enter Israel either. If you’ve ever flipped through your passport, you would know this.

Although Malaysia and Israel aren’t ‘friends’, Nas still managed to befriend a few Malaysians in Singapore. Unfortunately, these friendships can only take place outside of either country at the moment. Watch his full video about it:

He may not be able to step foot in our country, but we hope he had great Malaysian food over at Singapore at the very least.

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