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This Quiz Shows You How Common Your Makan Habits Are Compared To Other Malaysians



Do you sometimes like to have sugar with your roti canai? Or how about mixing butter and soy sauce with white rice? Well, as ‘odd’ as these eating habits may sound, they could actually be more common than you think. So, for the fun of it, we’ve come up with a quick poll for you to see how many Malaysians out there eat like you…

How do you like your Nasi Lemak?

The sambal and rice must be mixed together.

Everything has to be separated.







How do you eat Grilled Chicken Wings?

Throw away the tips.

Every part also whack. I suck on the bones too.







Roti Canai is best served…

Banjir lah, of course.

With curry on the side, please.







Do you eat the prawns in Char Kuey Teow first or last?

Eat first! Cannot tahan lah.

Put aside, and save the best for last.







The ONLY way to eat Kuih Lapis is…

Just take a big bite lah.

You peel and eat it layer by layer.







I’d like to eat Chee Cheong Fun with…

Curry sauce lah, of course.

The original way. The dark sweet sauce!







What’s your fave way of eating Banana Leaf Rice?

With cutlery. Too lazy to wash hands.

With hands, of course. There’s no other way.







Would you like some seeham with your Laksa?

Give me all the seeham!

Gross. No, thanks.







This is how everyone should have their Kuey Teow Soup:

With taugeh. Delicious!

Without taugeh. Yuck!







Would you like a raw egg in your Hokkien Mee?

Duh. Who doesn’t?

Yer. No. So geli!







Which is more important for Bak Kut Teh/Chik Kut Teh?

Raw garlic and soy sauce!

Cili padi and soy sauce!








Now, excuse us while we dig around the pantry for food because all these pictures are making us hungry!

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