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Human Poop Is Falling From The Sky… And Onto This City’s Residents



Have you ever had a shitty day? Well, no matter how bad it went, we don’t think it could be any ‘shittier’ than what the residents of Kelowna in Canada are growing through right now.

They claim that liquid human feces fell from the sky on two separate occasions. In one of those occasions, Susan Allan and her son were driving through town with the sunroof open when they were inundated with poop. “It was coming from the sky, covered my car, and got in my face and in my mouth,” she said.

Initially, Susan assumed the sticky brown mess was just a pile of mud. After the horrible smell hit her, she knew it was a pile of something else.

The brown liquid splattered across the hood and backseat of Susan’s car, as well as the cars behind her. She looked up and noticed an aircraft flying overhead. She headed to the nearest car wash and got it cleaned up. The next day, she woke up with a swollen, red eye and was diagnosed with conjunctivitis.

A few days later, another resident found brown splatters on his car parked outside his home. After seeing similar stories from other residents, the news reached Transport Canada – which oversees aviation in the country. The department suggested frozen lavatory waste, or “blue ice” may be to blame.

Human waste can sometimes leak out of sewage holding tanks in planes. As the aircraft starts to descend and the atmosphere gets warmer, the ice melts and detaches itself from the aircraft, and unfortunately onto the poor, unsuspecting targets below.

It’s called “blue ice” due to the chemicals added to airplane toilets to reduce odour and ease breakdown of the waste.

Man, we hope we’d never have to experience any “blue ice” falling from the sky!

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