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If You’re A Woman, This Is The Most Dangerous Country To Be In



India is the most dangerous place to be a woman in the world, a new study by the Thomson Reuters Foundation has shown.

The report was extracted based on a survey of 550 experts on women’s issues who found that India is the worst in terms of sexual violence against women, human trafficking for domestic work, forced labour, forced marriage and sexual slavery.

Other risks that women face in the country range from cultural and traditional practices that include acid attacks, female genital mutilation, physical abuse and child marriage. Data from the government shows that crime cases against women rose by 83% between 2007 and 2016, with four rape cases reported every hour.

Even more surprising, is the inclusion of the US as the 10th most dangerous place in the world for women. The #MeToo and Time’s Up campaigns against sexual harassment put the US on the list.

This study shows that it’s high time that women, or any human being for that matter, be given the freedom to go anywhere without having to fear for their lives.

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