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Is Public Caning An Effective Way To Educate The Public? Here’s What Malaysians Are Saying About It



Two Malaysian women convicted of attempting lesbian sex in a car were caned in court in front of 100 people at the Terengganu Shariah High Court on Monday. According to New Straits Times, the women, aged 22 and 32, were arrested in April by Islamic enforcement officers after they were found in a car in a public square in Terengganu.

The two women pleaded guilty to the offense of muhasaqah (relations between women) and were sentenced to six strokes of the cane each and fined RM3,300. They were given 14 days to appeal, but they didn’t.

The Malay Mail reported that the caning was carried out by a female officer from Kajang Women’s Prison. The two women, who were given private access in and out of the court to protect their identities, were caned individually, in front of the judge. They are the first women to be caned in Terengganu for breaking Islamic laws. The 100 onlookers were comprised of family members, media reporters and shariah lawyers.

According to Abdul Rahim Sinwan from the Muslim Lawyers Association, it’s a fallacy that the caning is meant to hurt the person. “In Shariah caning, it is not meant to hurt the person. It is to educate the person. Therefore, it’s not painful, it’s not harsh. It’s not meant to hurt the person,” Abdul Rahim explained.

For us Malaysians, public caning is nothing new. In the past, rapists and hard drug users have been caned in court. Public caning is also a familiar practice for anyone who went to public school in Malaysia (kudos to you if you’ve never kena rotan by your teacher).

So, we asked some of our readers for their opinions on the matter:

Do you support public caning as a method of punishment for any crime?

Posted by SYOK on Monday, 3 September 2018


And here’s what they said:

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What are your thoughts on the matter? Is public caning an effective method of education?

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