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Kevin Spacey Hit With 3 New Allegations Against Him


Kevin Spacey Hit With 3 New Allegations Against Him

Is it true? Is it true that what goes up, must come down?

We hate to believe it, but judging from how far Kevin Spacey has fallen from grace, it would appear that there is truth in those words after all.

Already battling numerous accusations of sexual assault, the two-time Oscar winner is now facing three more. Of the three latest allegations, two are said to have taken place in London—Westminster in 1996 and Lambeth in 2008. The third was reported to have occurred in Gloucester in 2013 by the Met Police.

The three latest allegations bring the total number of allegations being investigated by London police to six. But according a report on the BBC, Spacey has faced sexual assault accusations from more than 30 men to date.

Oh, Kevin, what are you doing?

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