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Malaysian-Born Miss Universe NZ Finalist, Nurul Shamsul, Is Crushing On Syed Saddiq


Malaysian-Born Miss Universe NZ Finalist, Nurul Shamsul, Is Crushing On Syed Saddiq

Who isn’t swooning over our Minister of Youth and Sports—and very eligible bachelor—these days?!

It seems that Syed Saddiq has also recently caught the attention of Nurul Shamsul, the finalist for Miss Universe New Zealand 2018, who was born in Malaysia. Speaking to mStar, the 20-year-old originally from Ampang, revealed that living abroad doesn’t mean she isn’t attracted to local men… particularly our YB who turns 26 this year.

“I don’t mind if my man is from Malaysia or New Zealand, but I would prefer a Malay guy. The most important thing is he has the features I am looking for. It is good enough if the guy is smart, courteous, good and loyal. I see Syed Saddiq as someone smart and I really admire him.”

Talk of crushes aside, Nurul is currently busy at work, travelling to promote her participation in the pageant, whose final event is expected to be held on 4 August.

The University of Waikato psychology student is hoping to use her pageantry participation—which also makes her the first Malaysian and the first hijabi to quality for the finals—to open the door for other hijabis to pursue similar dreams. When asked about the possibility of having to put on swimwear, she said, “In this competition, I don’t have to remove my hijab or to wear a swimsuit, so there are no problems with my appearance. My parents were shocked when I told them about my participation. They were afraid of the perception of people that I would have to uncover my aurat. Although I wear a tudung, I was optimistic about my participation in the competition and excited to compete with others.”

We’ll be cheering you on during the final event, Nurul Shamsul! Maybe Syed Saddiq will be tuning in too.

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