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Malaysian Family Names Their Kids Dhury Yan and Rambutt’an



Shakespeare was right when he said a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. But what if that rose was called Dhury Yan or Rambutt’an?

A Malaysian family is getting heat online after photos of their children’s MyKads went viral. Their father, Abi Amin Mahayadin, admits that he was shocked and disappointed when he found out people disagreed with his kids’ names.

Apparently, the grandfather of these children was the one who named them. The family denies that they are named after the popular local fruits durian, and rambutan (though the similarities are uncanny). The family has no plans in changing the names of the children, saying that their grandfather had the best of intentions when he named the kids, and they stressed that the kids are definitely not named after fruits.

Abi Amin hopes that the public can respect their decision to name their kids anything they wish, and the family is excited to find out what the grandfather will name their third child, who was born just a month ago.

When speaking to Sinar Harian, Muhammad Dhury Yan admitted that he indeed loves to eat local fruits including the durian and his sister, Nur Rambutt’an, also enjoys eating rambutan. Surprise, surprise.

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