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Malaysian-Themed Sushi Just Won First Place At World Sushi Competition!


Malaysian-Themed Sushi Just Won First Place At World Sushi Competition!

This win should give Malaysia global bragging rights over food! A sushi chef from Malaysia has reigned champion at the World Sushi Cup 2018 in Japan!

Tai Koon Siang, or Chef Sky Tai as he’s more popularly known, emerged as the champion in the competition after incorporating a Malaysian theme to his sushi! Not only did the 36-year-old sushi chef win first place in the qualifying round AND finals, he also won “overall champion” of the competition! Good job, Chef Sky!

The World Sushi Cup is an annual competition that started in 2013. The Cup aims to improve the standard of sushi outside of Japan. It’s a global competition endorsed by Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture and the All Japan Sushi Association World Sushi Skills Institute.

According to Asia News Network, the traditional Malaysian dishes Chef Sky incorporated includes nasi lemak, laksa and sambal squid! Honestly, those sound super delish as sushi dishes!

Apparently, Chef Sky prepared his ingredients a week in advance for the competition. He vacuum-packed all his frozen foods to be flown to Japan! He also hand picked plates and decorative items to perfect his dish. Talk about dedication to his art!

This isn’t Chef Sky’s first time competing in the Cup though. Two years ago, the sushi restaurant he works for in Singapore arranged for him to participate, during which he won second place… which is pretty impressive for a first timer, if you ask us.

Chef Sky has 12 years experience in making sushi, a craft he picked up after he left secondary school. Since he’s been working in Singapore for so many years, Chef Sky is now considering opening his own family-friendly restaurant in his hometown of Kluang.

Well, we’ll definitely be looking forward to sampling your sushi in Malaysia one day, Chef Sky!

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