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Mother Arrested For Throwing Newborn From Second Floor Of Building



A foreign woman has been arrested following reports that she had thrown her newborn son from the second floor of a building in Hentian Kajang.

The authorities were notified of this event when a man heard a loud thud behind his restaurant at about 5pm yesterday. Upon investigation, the restaurant owner spotted a baby lying on the ground. The little one was naked, but still moving and breathing. He then proceeded to wrap the baby in a cloth before taking him to a nearby clinic.

The suspected mother of the child, an Indonesian in her 20s, was arrested in the vicinity of Hospital Kajang at about 11.30pm last night, and is currently being remanded for further investigations for child abandonment under Section 317 of the Penal Code. According to The Sun, the baby is currently in a critical condition.

Sigh, how can anyone to this to an innocent child?

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