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Naming Babies After Marvel Characters Is The In-Thing Now



With Black Panther topping box offices for weeks on end, and Avengers: Infinity Wars reaching US$ 11 billion (RM44 billion) 11 days after its release, it’s no surprise that Marvel has taken the world by storm. People in the US especially are obsessed with Marvel… so much so that they are willing to name their children after the characters!

#1 Parker

1,487 female; 4,346 male

There are 5,833 babies born in 2017 who share a name with Peter Parker, an awkward high schooler by day and Spiderman by night.

#2 Wade

899 male

Inspired by Wade Wilson, the man who became horribly disfigured and gained mutant powers from an experimental cancer treatment. You know him better as Deadpool.

#3 Loki

5 female; 91 male

Yes, 96 babies were actually named Loki. Not family pets, but actual children. We don’t have an explanation for this, either.

#4 Valkyrie

63 female

Okay, this name sounds ridiculous, but think of all of the nicknames you could get from Valkyrie: Val, Kyrie, the possibilities are endless! After all, who wouldn’t want to be named after a fearless alien fighter, right?

#5 Marvel

21 female; 29 male

50 kids born in 2017 were actually named Marvel. On the plus side, those 50 kids don’t have to wait for Halloween to dress up as their favorite characters—they get to be Marvel superheroes all year long.

#6 Pepper

121 female; 7 male

Iron Man’s fiancée and most of the time, his voice of reason. She also shares a name with 128 children born in 2017. It’s a pretty cute name.

#7 Rocket

9 female, 28 male

Guardian of the Galaxy’s cute but feisty raccoon is a force to be reckoned with. Maybe that’s what the parents hoped for their babies?

#8 Quill

5 female; 15 male

Although “Starlord” didn’t make it to the list, his human character surname did. 20 kids were named Quill last year.

What Marvel names will we see next? T’Challa and Shuri might be popular, but if there are any mini Thanoses running around, humanity better be careful!

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