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Netizens ‘Roasted’ Lifestyle Guru Martha Stewart For Confusing Jackfruits With Durians



The internet has been abuzz with the news of lifestyle guru, and professional chef Martha Stewart’s website epically failing when it confused photos of durians for jackfruit.

Her website recently published an article titled “Here’s Exactly How To Use Jackfruit”. Unfortunately, the article featured a nice photo of durians instead of jackfruits.

The article, so blatantly wrong, had a line about jackfruit appearing right before a picture of the durians that said, “This tropical fruit, often grown in India and southeast Asia, has a texture that can be an excellent substitute for meat”

Obviously, netizens were totally triggered by this.


Since the outburst from netizens, Martha Stewart’s website has removed the images of the durians. We’re still waiting for them to find correct photos of jackfruits though.

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