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No More Plastic Straws, Says KFC Singapore In A Bid To Protect The Environment


No More Plastic Straws, Says KFC Singapore In A Bid To Protect The Environment

Riddle us this: what does it take for people to realise the importance of recycling and reducing the usage of plastic? The answer appears to be a pilot whale. Specifically the pilot whale that was found dead in Thailand from swallowing 80 plastic bags weighing 7.8kg (17 pounds).

But you guys already know the story about the whale, right? In case you didn’t, read up on it here. And here’s what 7.8kg of plastic bags look like…

Nope, not a pretty sight is it?

While it’s too late to save the whale, there’s one good that came out of its death; more and more big brand restaurants are now starting to halt the usage of plastic straws.

McDonald’s announced that they’ll stop offering plastic straws in all its restaurants in Britain and Ireland not too long ago.

Now that trend has come to South East Asia with KFC Singapore announcing that starting today (20 June 2018), all 84 KFC outlets in Singapore will no longer provide plastic straws with your order of drinks. For customers eating-in, plastic lids will also no longer be provided.

According to a report by The Straits Times, this initiative will reduce up to 17.9 tonnes of single-use plastics in a year.

So, the question now is, when will restaurants in Malaysia follow suit? Think of the whales, guys.

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