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Nurul Shamsul Made It To Top 5 At Miss Universe New Zealand!



Remember Nurul Shamsul, the Malaysian-born beauty competing in Miss Universe New Zealand? Of course you do! She finished fifth place in the pageant, an accomplishment she is very happy with… and so are we!

Nurul, who was born in Ampang but moved to New Zealand when she was five, wore a gold-coloured hijab and a long dress at the competition.

The best moment during the finals for her was when she saw her parents looking really proud when she was announced as one of the top five finalists. The 20-year-old psychology student at the University of Waikato is grateful for those who gave their love and support to her even when she first entered the competition.

The Miss Universe New Zealand title was given to Estelle Curd, a 27-year-old Human Resource manager, who works in Auckland.

Although she didn’t win, Nurul created history when she became the first participant to wear a hijab during a Miss Universe pageant. And that is an achievement in itself, we feel! Hmmm, we wonder if Syed Saddiq was watching?

Congratulations, Nurul! Strut your stuff and continue breaking stereotypes while you’re at it. 😉

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