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Our Top Ministers Are Living Such Normal And Modest Lives. Here Are Some Proof


Our Top Ministers Are Living Such Normal And Modest Lives. Here Are Some Proof

Beginning with Pakatan Harapan’s surprise victory in the 14th General Elections, Malaysia is undergoing changes every single day. Having said that, it’s heartwarming to see that some things never do—with the ministers still staying true to who they are.

#1 Lim Guan Eng, Finance Minister

Take Lim Guan Eng for example, who was seen eating at a food court with his wife and son in a nine-second video that went viral. You’d think as the Finance Minister of Malaysia, he would head to somewhere fancier for lunch. But nope, hawker food for the win.

And the best part is, he really seems to be enjoying his lunch! We don’t know why this video makes us happy.

#2 Mat Sabu, Defence Minister

Here’s another minister that we can’t seem to get enough off, Mat Sabu. On his first day as Defence Minister, he was photographed leaving his humble terrace house with a Perodua Viva parked in the porch while his bodyguards and escorts wait outside.

Mat Sabu is also known as an excellent cook (he took Culinary Arts at Institut Teknologi MARA back in the day). Here, he’s seen cooking in the kitchen as he hosted a group of young women from Wanita Muda AMANAH.

#3 Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammed, Prime Minister

Remember when Tun Dr M was seen with his RM 11.99 Bata slippers and how the whole of Malaysia went on a Bata frenzy? What hit people the most was that he could have easily afforded more expensive slippers, but he opted for this. A kind of humility rarely seen in comparison to previous Prime Ministers, we think.

Don’t believe us? See it for yourself!

As it was recently announced that our national debt has amounted to a staggering RM1 trillion and seeing previous ministers getting caught in corruption scandals and living in luxury, it’s encouraging to see small acts like these that givs us Malaysians confidence that we made the right choice. Truly a government for the people, by the people. 😊

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