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Park Your Motorbike Illegally In Subang Jaya, And It’ll Get Clamped



For motorcyclists in Subang Jaya, be wary where you park. If it’s not a designated parking spot, you might just get clamped by the City Council.

Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ) has introduced a new E-Grip motorcycle lock to clamp vehicle which are indiscriminately parked in public areas such as reserved parking lots, occupying or blocking car park lots, fire hydrants, OKU parking lots and five-foot ways.

“Motorcycle owners have been parking their vehicles everywhere and anywhere they wish; at times blocking other vehicles and even occupying OKU parking spots,” said MPSJ president Noraini Roslan.

To unlock the clamp, motorcyclists will have to head to MPSJ and fork out RM30.

Simultaneously, Noraini said MPSJ was looking at ways to increase the number of parking space for motorcycles.

No more getting fooled by parked motorcycles when looking for parking spots now, we hope!

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