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Pennywise Is Coming Back In “IT” Sequel And The Grown-Up Beverly Marsh Is Spot On



IT is coming back. And this time, it’s happening in present day.

The first movie ended with the gang of misfits making a blood pact to return to their hometown, Derry, if Pennywise the creepy clown was ever resurrected again, as he does every 27 years.

What’s more interesting for us is seeing to whom the original actors will pass on the baton to, to play the adult versions of themselves. And so far, it’s not disappointing! Beverly Marsh will be played by Jessica Chastain in IT: Chapter Two and we cannot think of anyone else more befitting.

It’s the perfect match.

The image of a young Beverly Marsh reaching across the table to give Chastain the red balloon is also symbolic. The red balloon is basically Pennywise’s calling card and her desperation to pass it off shows how the adult Losers Club must finish the fight from IT: Chapter One.

The rest of the grown-up cast includes Bill Hader as Richie, James McAvoy as Bill, James Ransone as Eddie, Andy Bean as Stanley, Jay Ryan as Ben, and Isaiah Mustafa as Mike.

And as for the storyline… Director Andy Muschietti has said that the main plot of the sequel focuses on the grown-up storyline, parallel to the narrative of the kids’ story in the Stephen King novel. But fret not, there’ll be lots of flashbacks to the childhood of these kids.

IT: Chapter Two is set to be released on 6 September 2019. Still a long way to go, but we hope that‘s enough time to pop that red balloon for good, and end the nightmare that’s been haunting Derry and The Losers Club.



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