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Perverts Are Exploiting Photos Of Local Pregnant Women On Social Media And Malaysian Netizens Are Horrified



Expecting mothers, please set your social media photos as private because they are being misused for wrong and disgusting reasons.

According to The Star, Facebook user Athirah Arshad was browsing through the microblogging and social media site, Tumblr, for information about pregnancies when she stumbled upon images of pregnant women with crude captions.

What was more shocking was that the images containing these sexual captions were of random modestly dressed pregnant women, obviously taken from these women’s social media accounts.

“I’ve not come across anything like this before, and I am encountering it on Tumblr for the first time. I believe there are a lot of (smut materials) like this on the site.”

Athirah took several snapshots of the posts, censored the faces of the women and uploaded them to her Facebook, as a warning to other expecting mothers.

Many Facebook users expressed their shock and disgust at the behaviour of the people who had shared and captioned the photos of these innocent mothers.

“So scary”

“These kinds of human beings are confusing. Pregnant women sexually excite them, women in niqab sexually excite them, even children can sexually excite them. I don’t understand.”

“It’s so sickening to read”

“Crazy! Desiring pregnant women like animals.”

What was even more shocking was that some commenters were blaming these innocent pregnant mothers for uploading photos of themselves and saying that they weren’t dressed modestly enough.

“Pregnant women, you know that a baby bump is aurat, you should wear large and loose clothes and lower your hijab, not tight clothes that expose your baby bump. Don’t expose yourself. When cases like these arise, suddenly you know to be scared, meanwhile Islam has taught you to cover beauty. Why do you expose it?”

“Sex crazy rude pigs. Thankfully my baby bump was small when I was pregnant. I don’t care what people say, I prefer having smaller baby bumps that people can’t see. How embarrassing, having big tummies and showing it off to everybody.”

Thankfully, there were those who had some good common sense and stood up for the victims, saying that the sex crazed perverts should be the real people at fault.

“There’s no need to advise the women to dress modestly or refrain from uploading photos lah. Instead, advise the men to behave. Why should we give a pass to the men who are behaving inappropriately? They call themselves Malay muslims but how are they behaving like muslims? When it comes to telling women to listen to their husbands, insisting that leaders must be men, saying that daughters should listen to their fathers, then people quote verses from the Quran and hadith. But how about this? There are verses that tell men to avert their gaze, no one ever quotes those verses. Even the ustaz in the surau rarely quote these verses.

Stop attacking women, accusing them of not covering their aurat or blaming them for uploading photos onto social media.

You are human too, God has given you enough intellect. Control your desires, idiots. If you’re not going to use your intellect, then you might as well be an ape in the zoo. At least I can throw peanuts at you.”

At the time of writing, Athirah Arshad’s post has been shared 5.8k times.

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