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Puchong Dad High On Drugs Hacked His Young Son To Death



A drug addict hacked his five-year-old son to death using a parang at their flat in Puchong on Monday.

The boy, who was sleeping in the living room, was hacked at least three times on his head and right wrist by his 35-year-old father. The man then placed the boy’s body outside of the flat, before locking himself in. A passer-by then contacted the police after finding the boy’s bloodied remains near the 4th floor unit.

An initial investigation revealed that the suspect was hallucinating, and had claimed that ‘voices’ told him to murder his son. The police said that the suspect is addicted to ketum juice (made from kratom leaves), and was also tested positive for methamphetamine. He also has past criminal records related to drugs.

Only the suspect and victim were at home when the incident took place.

Say no to drugs, people. It does nothing but ruin lives, and take them too.

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