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Six Durian Dishes You Probably Didn’t Even Know Existed In Malaysia

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Six Durian Dishes You Probably Didn’t Even Know Existed In Malaysia

The durian, aka King of Fruits, is famous for its ‘awful’ pungent smell yet sweet creamy—and totally delish—flesh. What it isn’t famous for however, is its versatility in dishes!

Here are six super sedap lesser-known dishes made with durian!

#1 Creamy Black Pepper Durian Seafood Cajun

Sure, the durian and black pepper combination may sound strange, but the sharp taste of the black pepper blends really well with the creamy and sweet flavour of the durian.

Available at Just Seafood, they use a combination of D24 and kampung durian with a reasonable amount of cheese to thicken the gravy. The durian sauce is cooked in the wok along with the seafood, ensuring that the durian flavour is well infused.

Where to find them: Just Seafood, Sunway Giza Mall

#2 Durian Pizza

Prepare for an explosion of durian with an accompanying creamy cheese taste when you eat this durian pizza.

US Pizza holds the distinction of featuring the first durian pizza in Penang. There are two variations to the pizza: Musang King for a stronger durian taste or D24 Sultan King pizza for a milder taste. They even fashion the crust to look like the sharp thorns on a durian!

Where to find them: US Pizza, Greenlane, Penang & Summerton, Penang

#3 Durian Brownies

The Brownies Bar is known for their great brownies. Truly the brownies experts, these guys have quite a choice of local flavoured brownies. Their Durian Brownies is a perfect swirl of moist dark chocolate and real durian pulp.

We can already taste the creaminess of the durian pulp and moist chocolate just thinking about it. Definitely worth a try!

Where to find them: The Brownies Bar, Pavilion, KL

#4 Imperial Musang King Royale

This mooncake is a no-brainer for durian fans. The Imperial Musang King Royale mooncake leverages on the strong flavour of Musang King, resulting in a mouthful of luscious and creamy bliss in every bite.

Enveloped in a delicate snow skin case, the rich durian filling doesn’t overwhelm your palate, so you can eat more! Plus, the mooncake festival is coming up in a month, so you know what to do!

Where to find them: At any Tai Thong outlet

#5 Durian Chips

For when you want to introduce durian to foreigners who’ve never tried durian in their entire lives, without scaring them.

These are pleasantly mild-tasting and relatively odourless. Indeed, the perfect durian snack!

Where to find them: Durian Kafe, Central Market, KL

#6 Durian Mochi

You’ll definitely not be able to say no to these. Soft to the centre, each mochi is filled with sweet, sweet durian that’ll have you reaching for another before you even finish the first.

Perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Where to find them: Durian Lagenda, Lot 10 Hutong, KL

Enjoy the dishes and have fun sniffing your durian-scented fingers after. It’s okay, we do it too.

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