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Someone Is Poisoning And Mutilating Stray Dogs In Shah Alam



Within a week, 11 stray dogs have met death after being poisoned by irresponsible individuals in Shah Alam. They are believed to be poisoned as there were no eternal injuries found on the dogs except for foam around their mouths as well as excretions.

Seven plastic bowls were discovered in the central garden facing three housing areas there, thought to contain a mixture of water and poison. While the bowls have been handed over to the police, the culprit has yet to be identified.

The residents are also seeing dogs with their limbs severed, and some have been seen with cuts that are still fresh.

Stray dogs have always been a recurring problem in the area, according to SPCA Selangor inspector, Kelvin Cheah. They have been spaying and neutering strays in the area, and work with dog rescuers who will help to trap, neuter and relocate stray dogs. However, poisoning them was an abhorrent act and is an act of blatant cruelty, says Gunaraj George, Canine Advisory Team Society Selangor president.

“People should be a little patient until the entire stray or feral canine community is naturally cleared but with a humane method,” he added. “Resorting to killing dogs simply because you don’t like their presence is reflective of a society lacking in values,” Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better adoption coordinator Christine Lai said.

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