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Someone Just Created Crocs That Come With Built-In Socks



Your fashion nightmare has just come true. Those ugly Crocs shoes that give you bad dreams just got uglier. Yeah, we didn’t think it was possible too… until we saw this:

This monstrosity is the production of a collaboration between the foam clog brand and New York streetwear label, Alife. According to Alife’s founder and Chief Creative Officer, Rob Cristofaro, “Most of what we do at Alife is stemming from design and creative before actual fashion. And as an object, Crocs have always been appealing to me.” Errr, okay.

If you find these babies appealing, you can get a pair for yourself at US$140 (RM557) when it’s launched on 14 June.

Now, believe it or not this Crocks with Socks isn’t the only bizarre thing we have for you. The Alife x Crocs project also resulted in this:

This “Art” edition of the collection will set you back US$600 (RM2,390), and features a removable 3D-printed Jibbitz of New York City’s iconic landmarks. Y’know, just in case you think your plain Crocs isn’t swaggy enough.

Hmmm, we don’t know what to feel about these. Fashion really doesn’t make sense sometimes. Or maybe we’re just not cool enough to pull this off.

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