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Soon, You Can Use Your Phone To Lock And Unlock Your Car


Soon, You Can Use Your Phone To Lock And Unlock Your Car

A smartphone and car manufacturer company recently published the specs for a digital key that could work across devices and car models. The group is called Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) and its stakeholders include Apple, LG, Samsung, Volkswagen, Audi, GM and many more.

That means with the backing of Apple and Samsung, you could use either your iPhone or your Galaxy to unlock a variation of car models.

This digital key would lock, unlock, start the ignition and share access to the car. The CCC is utilising existing technologies, like Near-Filed Communication (NFC) and Trusted Service Manager (TSM) for the universal digital key to happen. The CCC intends to bring everyone together to standardise how these existing technologies can be integrated even with different devices and car models.

So, is the keyless future on its way? Perhaps. But don’t throw away that fluffy keychain just yet!

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