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The Creepy Highland Towers Will Finally Be Demolished Next Month



The infamous Highland Towers have been a black mark in Malaysia’s history after 48 people died due to the collapse of one of its three apartment blocks in 1993. For the last 15 years after the tragic incident, the buildings have been abandoned.

Earlier this month, the ministry said that they’ve identified all the owners of the units since the Highland Towers Redevelopment Committee was formed in late June. Now, according to a report by The Malay Mail, Zuraida Kamaruddin, the housing and local government minister said that the towers will finally be demolished for redevelopment as early as next month. That’s fast!

Zuraida also said that they hope to begin redevelopment projects by December once the towers have been demolished. Previously, she had proposed to turn the site of the collapsed condominium into a recreational park.

Hopefully, the ministry can make the land useful again, so that the devastating past of the towers no longer looms over the residents of Ampang.

You can take a good look at the current state of the Highland Towers from a video by Project OFO (Ohsem Flying Objeckt), who strapped cameras to a couple of drones and flew it around the site of the Highland Towers in 2015. Viewer discretion is advised!

So creepy!

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