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The PDRM Portal Lets You Check If An Online Seller Is ‘Legit’



From undelivered goods to poor customer service, there are lots to be wary about when shopping online. It’s not that it’s always a bad experience, it’s just that more often than not, you don’t know who you’re dealing with.

But, all your worries can now be put to rest because the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) has set up a portal that lets you check if the online seller you’re about to give your money to is ‘legit’.

By simply entering the seller’s phone number or bank account number into the portal, which you can access by heading over to http://ccid.rmp.gov.my/semakmule/#, you can check if the seller has any police reports lodged against them.

Sellers involved in fraud will be tagged with an “Amaran” and shoppers can also see the number of reports that have been lodged against the seller.

Speaking to The Star about the functions of the portal, Federal CCID principal assistant (cyber crime and multimedia investigations) Senior Asst Comm Ahmad Nordin Ismail said, “They can check if a bank account is reported to be involved in a fraud. If the bank account has been used in fraud cases, this will be displayed in the search bar.”

So, the next time you’re thinking about indulging in some online retail therapy, be sure to check the portal! Happy shopping!

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