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This Creative Student Made Ready-To-Wear Dresses With Abandoned Party Flags


This Creative Student Made Ready-To-Wear Dresses With Abandoned Party Flags

Do you see a lot of abandoned party flags lying around in your neighbourhood, and don’t know what to do with them? Well, you can take a couple of pointers from this guy.

Muhamad Zulwafi Ahmad Rosli or @stokin_wafiey as he is known on Instagram, saw these flags as fabrics. So, he went straight to work by creating some runway-ready outfits.

Seperti yang dijanjikan semalam my manifasto kepada parti yang memerintah iaitu PAKATAN HARAPAN yang dinaungi My beloved Tun M @chedetofficial the 7th Prime Minister)..Demi Tun M sesubuh hari kami bangun memrembak bendera Pakatan Harapan 💕💅🏿 takut orang nampak tq @ayuzenchtra 😂🤣..sis confident catwalk satu taman penuh bebudak mcm tengok badut🍄 …sis creditkan disini my Op housemate sendiri distylingkan oleh @miacreationweddingplanner @farahiyahrahim still kekalkan look metgala ala2 pakai baju oscar de la renta #pru14 #teamtunM #partiharapan onz tak? yang pasti baju jahit sendiri tau💅🏿manalah tahu nak tempah baju khawin ala2 lagu ni boleh tag kekawan💕🤞🏻#metgala #oscardelarenta #pru14

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He not only designs them, he wears them and catwalks in the middle of his road with so much sass, we can’t even!

It’s no surprise why these outfits look uber good. As a fashion designing student in a local university, the designs of these flag outfits were inspired by the celebrities that attended Met Gala in New York recently.

Can we just say, we think it’s great that these party flags serve a new purpose. We vote for fashion!

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