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This Is Probably The Greatest Love Story Told Over Social Media


This Is Probably The Greatest Love Story Told Over Social Media

Beware! This spark of a love story will put you on cloud nine. 😍

One a plane to Dallas, Texas recently, Rosey Blair asked a young woman if she didn’t mind swapping seats so that Blair could be seated next to her boyfriend. The young woman obliged, and the two joked that her new seat partner might end up being the love of her life.

As Blair and her boyfriend sat together, they saw a young man make his way to the vacant seat. Blair decided that it was the perfect time to document the exchange between the young man and woman on her social media. What unfolded will flutter your heart.

So, what happened after the flight?

Blair posted that the pair had followed each other on Instagram, were both single, and came from the same area. If that doesn’t sound like fate to you, we don’t know what is.

Then, in a unprecedented twist of a plot, the mystery man replied to Blair’s story.

We really hope there’ll be a sequel to this love story that started with a simple seat exchange!

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