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This Japanese Girl Can Speak Fluent Bahasa, And Boy Are We Impressed!



As Malaysians, we get super excited when a non-Malaysian speaks Bahasa Malaysia because we’re so kaypoh like that. How many times have you attended a concert by international artists and go crazy when they say the cliché “Apa khabar KL?!”.

See, it’s not just us. 😉

Here’s a story of a non-Malaysian that has an impressive grasp of the language. Hana Takahashi, a student at the Foreign Language University of Tokyo showed off her Bahasa skills to the Minister of Education, Dr Maszlee Malik himself! Check out his tweet:

She said that she isn’t only interested in learning Bahasa Malaysia, but has a passion for understanding the aspects of society, culture and religion in Malaysia.“I like to learn Malay because if I speak Malay, I can understand what Malaysians think and I can know the culture and religion in Malaysia,” she said.

Hana has been to Malaysia three times, and loves our iced tea and roti canai, but doesn’t like durian.

The interview, watched over 45,000 times, sees Hana giving Malaysians a special advice to always use Malay as it’s the language of our country.

Well, we’re stoked to see our national language go places!

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