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This Man Travels 3,200km To Russia; Realises He Left World Cup Ticket At Home



It’s the stuff that nightmares are made of.

Douglas Moreton flew all the way from his home in Bristol, England to Russia’s Nizhny Novgorod just so he could root for his home team during the England vs Panama football match. However, that dream didn’t happen because upon arrival, he realised that he didn’t have his World Cup ticket with him—it was lying in a drawer somewhere at home… in England.

Lucky for him, he stumbled upon ITV editor Dan Howells, who then launched a social media search for an extra ticket for Moreton:

The move worked. Someone responded to Howells with an extra ticket for the match. So, it should be a happy ending after all right? Not quite. Howells couldn’t locate Moreton after the photo was taken.

Lady Luck certainly wasn’t on Moreton’s side on that day. And it would have been a great match for Moreton too because his team dominated the match, winning 6-1!

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