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This Massive 18kg Durian Is Going For Nearly RM10k!


This Massive 18kg Durian Is Going For Nearly RM10k!

If durian is the King of Fruits, then this 18kg durian is the Mega King of fruits. Thanapon Chainok from Bangkok has a collection of giant durians waiting to be harvested in his 2-hectare orchard in Tak’s Prop Phra district. Imagine the smell of it when it’s opened.

An auction has been opened for this giant fruit starting at 10,000 Bath (RM1,227). The highest offer was at 73,000 Bath (RM8,958) for a durian! The auction is said to end on 12 August. How much do you think it’ll end up getting sold for? RM10,000? RM20,000?

It would be funny if the meat is thin and the seed is the size of a tennis ball. Can’t wait for the big reveal! Let’s hope that this durian doesn’t fall on someone when it’s ready for harvest.

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