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Travelling To India Just Got A Tad Bit More Expensive


Travelling To India Just Got A Tad Bit More Expensive

2018 seems to be nothing but ups and downs for us Malaysians who like to travel abroad. While our passport’s global ranking has improved, making it the second most powerful passport in Southeast Asia, we’ve also recently received news that finding accommodation on Airbnb in Japan has gotten more difficult.

Now it seems, the bad news just keeps on coming because Malaysians travelling to India will now have to fork out more money for the visa required to enter India. The Star reported that starting from 25 June 2018 onwards, the cost for India’s four-month eVisa had seen an RM120 increase, jumping from RM200 to RM320.

Meanwhile, over the counter visa applications—which are valid for one year—will now cost RM462.56, excluding service charges. This increased fee came into effect on 1 July 2018.

To put into perspective how expensive the cost for the one year visa is, a quick search on AirAsia revealed that a one-way ticket to New Delhi costs RM490.

So, yup, your visa will cost almost as much as a one-way flight to India.

If the increased cost of travelling to India hasn’t deterred you then, you may apply for a tourist visa here. You may also want to read our article on the most dangerous country to be in, if you’re a woman.

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