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We Have More Than RM100 Million In The Tabung Harapan Now!



We did it, folks! As of 3 pm yesterday, Tabung Harapan Malaysia breached the RM100 million mark, less than a month since its launch!

The Ministry of Finance, which oversees this fundraising initiative, said that the fund had collected RM108,215,946.39.

As a means for concerned Malaysians to alleviate the country’s RM1 trillion debt, the trust fund launched by the Pakatan Harapan government was launched on 30 May.

“In order to provide a systematic and transparent platform to ensure all contributions and donations from the people are properly managed and organised, the Government has decided to establish a special trust fund called Tabung Harapan Malaysia,” read a statement released by the Government.

Although it’s not compulsory to donate money, it’s heartwarming to see Malaysians of all ages giving however much they can for the country they love.

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