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We Can’t Get Enough Of This Mukbang Star And Her Raw Veggie Obsession



Honestly, we’re pretty much done with the mukbang hype, where people gorge on a ridonkulous amount of food. However, DJ Katty Butterfly, offers a different take on it—one that combines mukbang, ASMR, and an obsession for vegetables that makes us want to snack on a raw bittergourd right now.

We mean, look at this. How does she make a plain bell pepper look so yummy?! We don’t even like bell peppers!

And if you think the born-in-Thailand-but-living-in-Indonesia DJ only chomps on ‘ordinary’ raw vegetables, wait till you see these:

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Yes, she just ate lime slices like they were gummy bears. There was also a video of her eating a raw aloe vera leaf—dipped in mayo for some extra taste—that went viral, but it has since been removed from her account. But in case you want to watch it anyway, *cough* YouTube *cough*.

Now, occasionally, she also takes a break from all the green and healthy eating, and feasts on gems like these:

So, if you ever have trouble convincing a friend to eat more vegetables, unleash DJ Katty Butterfly on them. Nobody else can make vegetables look so delicious.

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