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We’ve Never Seen A Video Of 2 Fishes More Traumatising Than This



A gulper catfish in Indonesia has shocked the internet with its display of sheer voracity.

A 50-second viral video clip shows the black predator swimming in an aquarium with a koi of equal size, along with a much tinier fish making a cameo every few seconds. Without any warning whatsoever, the catfish swings around and latches onto the head of the koi, and within moments, swallows the fish in its entirety. Meanwhile, the smaller fish seems to be frantically swimming around for its dear life.

Yes, we couldn’t believe it ourselves.

But the most disturbing part of this is the tear that can be seen from the bottom of the catfish, possibly caused by the koi.

All we can say is, perhaps the catfish took the saying “pick somebody your own size” a bit too literally.

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