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Why Doesn’t Jet Li Look Like Jet Li Anymore?!


Why Doesn’t Jet Li Look Like Jet Li Anymore?!

Pictures of the Bejing-born martial arts star have been surfacing on the internet… And let’s just say we can barely recognize him!

Jet Li is reported to be suffering from hypothyroidism and problems in the spine. These injuries have been increasingly serious since five years ago.

A picture had been circulating online of Jet Li in Tibet, visiting a temple. In the photo, he had to be helped to move about. A fan had noticed the photo and acknowledged the shock, sharing tips to treat the disease.

To compare, this is him just a couple years ago!

Jet Li revealed in 2010 that he had been suffering from thyroid disease. He had taken different drugs for treatment but it didn’t show any sign of improvement.

We wish you a speedy recovery, sensei!


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