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Yuck! Rat Poop Found Everywhere In These 3 Penang Restaurants



As if there hasn’t been enough buzz on unhygienic eateries already, more and more just keep coming up. This time up north, in the food haven of Penang.

Health inspectors from the Penang Island City Council (MBPP) checked on a few restaurants on Penang Road that were popular with tourists and locals, and found that it was also popular with rodents.

Monirul Corner, Tong Seng Hainan Chicken Rice and Kek Seng Café were found to have rat droppings in their shops. Rat urine was found at the corners of the shops, and rat faecal pellets were found on a wok left in the sink. The wok was used to make traditional Indian sweetmeats. More faecal pellets were discovered on the lid of a bin next to the wok.

About 10 compounds were issued ranging from RM100 to RM250 for offences such as discharging waste into the drains and other unhygienic practices.

The state was recently hit with a drastic increase of hand, foot and mouth disease, and dengue fever that has affected more than 4,000 people this year. As such, MBPP and the state Health Department stepped up enforcement operations to protect public health, and aim to carry out weekly surprise inspections instead of fortnightly.

Over on the East Coast, a number of popular eateries were ordered to close for breaking cleanliness rules, including installing pipes through drains. They were told to close for two weeks.

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