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Whatever You Do, Don’t Use These 14 Beauty Products ‘Cause They Contain Poison!


Whatever You Do, Don’t Use These 14 Beauty Products ‘Cause They Contain Poison!

The past several years have seen an increase in new brands of beauty products hitting the market. While we love to support local small businesses, we don’t support taking advantage of customers and lying!

Recently, the Ministry of Health (KKM) and the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) released a statement, advising the public to avoid buying and using 14 cosmetic products which have been found to contain scheduled poison. Poison, you guys!

The products are:

  • Diamond Gold Skin Care – Diamond Gold Day Cream
  • Diamond Gold Skin Care – Diamond Gold Night Cream
  • Diamond Gold Skin Care – Diamond Gold Treatment Cream
  • Alora Night Glowing Cream
  • Karisma Nightcream Kunyit
  • Karisma Daycream
  • Karisma Treatment Sarang Burung
  • Seputih Melati Night Cream Whitening
  • Seputih Melati Night Cream Glowing
  • Majaja Serum Channtiq
  • SYMA Facial Cleanser
  • Khumaera Moistskin Cleanser
  • Bao Shu Tang Snow Lotus Cream

If you have any of these products, we advise that you chuck them in the bin immediately.

According to New Straits Times, Health Director-General, Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said that the notification of these cosmetic products have been cancelled after the ministry detected scheduled poisons in the products.

The scheduled poisons found were hydroquinone, tretinoin, and diphenhydramine. These poisons need to be registered with Drug Control authorities and are only allowed to be used with the advice of health professionals.

Hydroquinone is commonly advertised as a skin brightener to treat pigmentation and uneven skin tones. What hydroquinone actually does is halt the process of pigmentation. But this reduces the skins ability to protect itself from harmful UV rays which can lead to skin cancer. Scary!

Products mixed with tretinoin claim to treat acne and reduce wrinkles, while diphenhydramine is used in products to provide temporary relief from itchiness and pain due to insect bites, minor sun burns and skin irritation; but Dr Noor Hisham warned that “unsupervised use of these products can cause the skin to become hypersensitive to the sun resulting in redness discomfort, burning, peeling and severe allergic reactions”.

He added that, “Mercury, when absorbed by the body, can cause damage to the kidneys and nervous system. It can also affect the development of a child’s brain or even that of an unborn child.”

TBH, we don’t think having fair and beautiful skin is worth all these scary health effects, and companies offering products that contain harmful substances should be ashamed of themselves!

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